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POPCorrugated.com and its parent company Merchandising Inventives, Inc. are pleased to offer custom corrugated printing options for use with our Corrugated display systems or even custom pieces of your own design. This page will help you in your decision making process to help you decide which display for you is the best.

Please remember that for any custom artwork corrugated job, all custom pieces will require New cutting dies to be made that will be included in the cost structure. Once the job is complete the dies remain with the manufacturer.

Step 1.)
I want to have a custom printed corrugated display but I only need a few pieces, can you help?

All of the displays on POPCorrugated.com are made from pre-manufactured dies that cut most of our models for quick sales, however there are several thinks to consider when purchasing a display system. The first naturally is cost, We have three types of displays for sale here at POPCorrugated, Standard Display, Bulk Displays and Custom Displays. We'll go over each here.

Standard Displays

Standard Corrugated Cardboard displays are ones that are readily available for resale with no minimum quantities involved. You can tell a standard piece by the end of the part number, if it says "BULK" you know its NOT a standard piece. If it is a standard piece, you can order as many as you like with no minimum quantities involved from either Merchandising Inventives, inc for orders over $200 or from Merchandising Inventives, Inc. small order solution store, POPSuperstore.com.

Bulk Displays

Bulk Displays are noted with the word "BULK" after the part number. These displays are available ONLY in purchases of 250+ pieces. These displays are not normally stocked although the dies are cut for them, they are run by our factory only as a bulk sale.

Custom Corrugated Displays

Custom Displays are any display that is not already shown on the POPCorrugated or any other MII web sites. Custom displays are the most expensive of all displays. If you want a display with your artwork displayed, it is a custom display. If you're looking for this type of display, you should be looking at investing in, at a minimum, several thousand pieces. The reasons for this are simple, a custom die has to be manufactured, custom art has to be figured into the cost as well along with packaging and shipping.

When the total is added up, it is simply not feasible to manufacture only a few dozen or even hundred pieces without the pieces per-piece-cost being exorbitantly high in cost. Take a look at your product you wish to sell, sit down and figure out the dimensions and application. Would you like it in a countertop model or will a floor display be your choice? Then work out the size of the product and compare it to our product dimensions.

Step 2.) What Kind of Corrugated Display can I afford?

After reading the above information, your choices should be pretty simple. If you're a new business and are looking to make your new product idea look the best it can be, your most-economical option is to use some of the pre-made systems until you can afford a custom piece. We quote corrugated displays every day here at POPCorrugated.com, as a result, we've worked closely with all styles of business. When you ask for a quote and find out that your custom display idea will cost $175 per piece because you only need a few made for you, it becomes pretty clear that to save money its best to work with display pieces that are already available first.

If you are a merchandiser or big-box store looking for multiple displays but are looking for custom print, a great solution for you to use would be our standard or BULK items as your pieces before you send them to print. You'll save money on making a custom parts and additional charges. Be sure to see what's readily available online and then contact us at your convenience to discuss these options.

The last kind of display to consider is a custom display. For this type, you'll be purchasing anywhere from several hundred to several thousand pieces with all associated artwork, design and die manufacturing costs amortized into the cost of your piece. Dies can range in cost but in general cost several thousand dollars to manufacture.

Step 3.) Deciding on your display

From the above information, you should be able to figure out the best and most economical route for you to take in the purchase of your displays from POPCorrugated.com. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our helpful sales engineers at Merchandising Inventives Inc. at 800-367-5653.

Custom Corrugated Display Art Options

Custom Corrugated printing is the one thing that make your display go from something basic and simple to eye-catchingly wonderful! All it takes it the right artwork done in the correct application. Allow us to explain. There are three separate options available for corrugated display artwork, each has its pros and cons which we'll discuss here.

  • Print Option #1 - Flood Coats
  • Flood CoatsA Flood Coat is when the corrugated stock is completely covered with one solid color, a "flood" of printing. This method is the most cost effective as it requires no printing plates for manufacturing the pieces. Flood Coats on Custom Corrugated Displays are great when you want to make the piece a solid color. Flood Coats can be broken into several different ones if your display has several different pieces that assemble together to give a multi-color look.
  • Print Option #2 - Direct Printing
  • Direct PrintingDirect Printing is when the ink is applied to the corrugated product in four distinct colors of Cyan, magenta, Yellow and Black. This printing process requires a separate printing plate for each color and allows for simple logos and images to be applied directly to the corrugated stock. The best way to think about direct printing on corrugated materials is to compare it to a child's coloring book, the graphical result is flat and not detailed art.
  • Print Option #3 - Lithographic Labels
  • Lithographic LablesIf clarity and detail are what you require for your corrugated display then your best option may be the use of Lithographic Labels attached directly to the corrugated piece. Lithographic labels involves the gluing of printed sheets directly to the corrugated stock before it has been die cut. This printing method achieves a higher-end look to the display by removing the corrugated texture from the graphics. It allows photo-quality images, logos and displays to be used in your display.

Putting it all together

once you have your display and artwork figured out, be sure to give one of our helpful sales engineers a call to help you make your display idea a reality. When calling, we will ask you a variety of questions to cover the above information. if you do call us for more than just a few pieces, plan on having the following information ready to use (where applicable):

  • Display Part Number
  • Quantity of displays and timeframe for delivery
  • Do you have a design with the artwork shown?
  • Do you have a layout design?
  • Will the display be going to one or multiple locations?
  • Does your display require additional hardware to make it complete?
  • What is your budget?
  • What kid of art would you like on your corrugated display?
  • Flood Coat, Lithographic Labels or Direct Printing?